Mobile Accessories

Mobile accessories like mobile charger, Earphone & most important power bank these are some most important accessories for everyone now in days. If we discuss the people’s craze for mobile accessories. Everyone has more than 10+ mobile back covers

So today I’ll let you know some most important branded mobile phone accessories. If you a creasy mobile user you must have this accessory.


Power Bank’s in mobile accessories 

Mobile accessories

It’s a top most important device for mobile accessories now in days. You can take 10000 mAh’s usually in every mobile shop. 10000 mAh power bank prices will be approx 1000-2000 Rs in India. Portable Power Banks are comprised of a special battery in a special case with a special circuit to control power flow.
You can travel everywhere with power bank, No need to worry about charging extension.

Earphone  in mobile accessories

Mobile accessories 1

Many good mobile accessories brands are available in the market like  Boss, skull candy, Glorious, etc they give you good sound quality experience. You can buy it at the local market or local shop. If you will go online & E-commerce like Amazon, Flip kart, etc you can save your 10% – 20% money

Wall charger in mobile accessories 

Mobile accessories 2

Normally every company provides you wall charger with your mobile kit, but if you did not get your mobile phone charger by the company. You should go for 2.4 Amp charger for fast charging experience. Some best company are available in the market like Ambrane, ERD, Samsung, Glorious Etc,


Back covers & Tempered glass.

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When it comes to protecting your beloved phone you might want something that isn’t only practical but can also be attractive to your eyes. Right from skins, dyes, purses, and cubes to bumpers and holsters, there is an infinite number of alternatives to select from depending upon your taste and convenience. Most mobile phone cases comprise one of those numerous types of materials: Leather – Most frequently mobile phone bags, holsters and sleeves are composed of leather. The leather is famous for supplying a high degree of security and an aesthetically appealing appearance. The only drawback of cell cases is their high prices.



Car charger  in mobile accessories 

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It’s good for travelers, car charger special manufactured for car user. Car charger accepts 12 V Power input. If you are looking for car charger you can go with a Glorious car charger.


Manufacturing material in In mobile accessories

Hard plastic in mobile accessories 

Hard plastic is a favorite for supplying a high degree of security to your mobile phone at sensible prices. Another advantage of this substance is that it’s extremely light-weight and may be transformed to any shape.

Metal in mobile accessories 

Metal is a perfect phone cover material for those mobile cell phones that need the very high degree of protection. Nevertheless, these may be heavyweight and provide extra weight to the phone. Furthermore, they’re comparatively less affordable.

Silicone in mobile accessories 

Today, silicone is regarded as the most famous kind of substance for making phone covers and cases. These aren’t only durable and strong, but can also be available at inexpensive rates.

Remember the In mobile accessories amazing and stylish mobile phone skins? They’re made up of nothing, but silicone or gel. Rubber – When it’s about mobile phone covers you can’t skip speaking about rubber cases.

Rubber has all the features which produce a great mobile phone cover for mobile accessories. Rubber is durable, cost-efficient and flexible. What’s more, it’s got a good grip which makes the possibility of drops lesser. Rubber is used in making sports cases and skins. Artificial leather in mobile accessories- If you discover leather cases to be very expensive, go to your artificial choice. Synthetic leather has accumulated popularity through the years for its duration and cost-effectiveness. Even though, for a number of reasons you won’t find the same level of wealth and aesthetic appeal as which found in real leather? The main aim of cell phone covers and cases is to provide the high degree of protection and security to your beloved phone in order that it may withstand any sort of drop, harm, and shock.